Organic Certification

Third Party Organic Certification for Milk, Honey and Agricultural products is done by Rajasthan State Organic Certification Agency (ROCA), Government of Rajasthan as per National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) Standards, GoI.

Sundarban Pattern of Dairy Cooperative

Sundarban Coop is the first all women dairy cooperative in India to initiate a holistic, integrated and sustainable approach by Going Organic keeping in view the challenging geographical and ecological conditions.

On 1 June 2017, i.e. World Milk Day, the women farmer members of Sundarban Coop took oath in presence of representative from NDDB to “go organic.” The farmer members decided that they would convert livestock and agricultural production into organic. Thereby, the Milk Union started to procure not only milk but also other agro-livestock produce, viz. desi duck and hen eggs, natural honey from mangrove forest, indigenous rice (Dudheswar, Gobindabhog, Radhatilak, Kalabhat) and pulse (Sona Mung Daal) so that the women farmer do not have to sell their produce to middlemen or elsewhere at low price. Thus, Sundarban Coop started the first organic initiative among all cooperatives in India and that too in the challenging terrain of Sundarban.

Organic Milk, Indigenous Sweets & Agricultural Products Initiatives

  • Initiated extensive campaign for awareness and skill development of farmers on organic and sustainable livestock farming keeping the soil alive in an ecologically challenged area like Sundarban.
  • Promotion of Indigenous Cows, Indigenous varieties of Rice, Pulses, Vegetables & Spices, Fruitsamong women dairy farmers of Sundarini Coop.
  • Third-party organic certification of all Sundarini products.
  • 100% green fodder, Azolla based milk production without using any chemical pesticide or manure. Popularize vermin-composting, use of Neem leaves, Marigold etc. to use in fodder field.
  • Popularize herbal garden at village level and promotion of use of Ethno-Veterinary Medicine to prevent unnecessary use of Antibiotics and Chemical Medicines.
  • Plastic-free Milk Union from procurement to market like using of 100% SS milk cans/milk pails for farmers and marketing of cow ghee, honey in glass bottle only.
  • Consumer awareness and Farmer-Consumer Connect programme with easy availability of the organic products at the door step of the consumers in Kolkata that will assure high price and profit sharing to the producers.
  • Ensure good food and nutrition free from chemical hazards to the consumers and also future generation of the farmers.
  • Production & marketing of Synthetic Chemical-free, Naturally Flavoured indigenous Sweets and Milk Products for consumers.

Certified Organic Mangrove Forest Honey Initiative

  • Certified organic mangrove forest honey of Sundarban is collected in cooperative mode.
  • Processed and packed as job work at the Plant of Ramkrishna Ashram, Nimpith and marketed by Sundarban Coop under Sundarini brand.
  • In 2018-19 Sundarini has marketed 15 MT honey and targeted to reach 25 MT in 2019-20.
  • This initiative of Sundarini has curbed distress selling to private players.

Other Initiatives

  • The major activities of the Union are procurement of milk from producer members and delivery of various input services like, area specific mineral mixture, fodder seed, azolla plot, milk pails, cattle insurance, farmer insurance, dewormer, vaccination, animal health camps, trainings, exposure visit to producer members.
  • Delivery of various input services to producer members: The input activities of the Union include deshi vegetable seeds, Indigenous folk paddy variety for cultivation, chicks and ducklings, fodder seed/cuttings.