Certified Organic Cow Ghee
From Sundarban Islands
| 250 ml Glass Jar

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Certified Organic Cow Ghee is prepared from cream separated from only Certified Organic Cow Milk, cream is fermented by adding curd and finally boiled in Kadai as per old, traditional methods where no machine is used.

The milk used for making our Certified Organic Cow Ghee is produced by village-grown cows of Sundarban delta reared by thousands of small and marginalized women farmers under Sundarini Naturals Dairy Cooperative system without using any chemical, pesticide, antibiotic.

The organic certification is done as per NPOP guidelines of Government of India by Rajasthan State Organic Certification Agency, Government of Rajasthan.


Why this Ghee is called Certified Organic?

As per National Programme for Organic Production of APEDA, Government of India guidelines this ghee is produced and marketed. The milk used for this ghee making is completely produced organically, the cows are fed with green grass/fodder cultivated naturally using cow dung, cow urine, leaf compost and free from Glyphosate and other harmful pesticides. Besides, other feed ingredients like rice bran, moong dal husk, oil cake, paddy straw, vegetables etc. are also locally produced without any chemical or pesticide. The ailing cows are treated with herbal medicine as per Ethno-Veterinary Practices as guided by National Dairy Development Board.

Organic Certification is very stringent process. Each and every procurement, production, packaging and marketing is monitored online by APEDA. There is no chance of pilferage or manipulation.


How is the Texture of this Ghee?

Our ghee is boiled and prepared manually. So, there is always slight difference in colour and texture in each batch. But, this ghee is Danedar (grainy texture) and brownish-yellow in colour as it is Gawa in nature. After we make the ghee and allow it to settle and cool down naturally at room temperature, ghee acquires a grainy texture. When you use it as a spread on a warm food, the grainy texture disappears very quickly.


How are the Flavour & Aroma of this Ghee?

Sundarini Naturals Cow Ghee is very popular among consumers due to its unique pleasant aroma and flavour. It is may be due to the local cattle breeds and their feeding practices. We don’t use any kind of Ghee Scent for this special aroma. It is all natural.

Spreading of this ghee on warm food like Rice, Dal, Khichdi, Halwa, Pulao, Chapatti and other Indian delicacies the aroma will prevail all over the kitchen or dining.


What is the difference between Bilona Cow Ghee & Organic Cow Ghee?

Two types of ghee manufactured and marketed by Sundarini Naturals differ in the manufacturing process. Bilona Ghee is prepared from Makhhan (Butter) after hand-churning through wooden bilona from Curd as per Ayurvedas whereas Organic Cow Ghee is prepared from Cream separated from Organic Cow Milk, then it is fermented with Curd and boiled to get ghee. Bilona Ghee is considered to be more healthy and beneficial for lactose-intolerant consumers.


Is there any Storage guidelines?

Ghee in glass container should never be exposed to direct sunlight which may cause oxidation.

Unopened Jars: Store them in a preferably dark and cool place. There is no need to refrigerate them.

Opened Jars: Store in your kitchen cabinet (away from light, not on the counter) for up to 3 months. After that you can refrigerate it for up to a year. Ghee will become hard in the refrigerator. However, it will become soft again once you take it out of the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature for some time.

For thousands of years, ghee has been respected in Ayurvedic medicine as a curative for a number of ailments. Organic Cow Ghee is considered to have the following beneficial effects:

1. Source of Good Fat: Our body needs some fats to assist the brain, nerves, and skin health. These healthy fatty acids available in abundant in ghee are vital for building cell membranes and strengthening them.

2. Good for Healthier Digestion & Intestinal Health: Organic Cow Ghee is known to be one of the most easily digestible dairy fat. It helps in proper digestion, preventing constipation and detoxification.

3. Enhances Body Immunity System: Fat-soluble Vitamins like A, D, E, and K in organic cow ghee help in strengthening immunity system of body. These Vitamins play also a major role in the functioning of the heart, brain, and bone development.

2. Good for Nervous System: Organic cow ghee helps in increasing memory & brainpower and overall nervous system of the body.

6. Enhances Muscle & Tendon Functioning: Organic cow ghee consumption promotes bone strength, enhances muscle and tendon functioning, helps in keeping the joints lubrication and reduces joint pains.

7. Helps in Glowing Skin & to Control Hair Fall: Organic Cow Ghee works on skin and hair as a natural moisturizer and works for dry skin also.

8. Helps to Keep Warm from Within: Regular organic cow ghee consumption will help to make warmer from within particularly during winter.

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